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"I want you to know that being able to face all of this makes you the strongest person in my life.

But I also know you don’t want to be strong all the time and I truly wish I could change things, so you didn’t have to be. You deserve to have all you hope for and so much more too.

What I can do, is try to make this world feel kinder by giving you my Christmas promise…"


Download perfectly pitched words with bespoke, meaningful illustrations, for the person in your life trying to cope with fertility issues or walking through grief.


After going through our own difficult paths to parenthood, we know how hard Christmas can feel for families and friends to feel connected to each other. This Christmas letter is filled with words of comfort (and you don't need to worry about putting your foot in it!).


With great experience and insight in supporting people going through this, we have taken care to put together the words we know people need to hear which can sometimes feel too difficult to find.


The illustrations surrounding the words like a wreath, also cover the back of this double sided download too. With meaningful fertility symbols (pineapples are a bit of an icon for anyone in this community!) along with some classic seasonal foliage, the bespoke illustration has been designed for mindful colouring or can be left blank.




The Christmas Letter

  • You'll receive a link to download your letter as soon as you buy it, which is valid for 30 days. It's an A4 size to make it as easy as possible to print and  large enough to have both words and illustration complement each other.

    If you'd like to personalise your letter electronically to send as an email attachment instead of a physical piece of paper- you can do that too, whatever you prefer.

    There is space to personalise at the top and bottom.

    If you've got any other questions, please do drop us a line: hello@catandalice.com or send us a message on Instagram @itscatandalice 

    We love hearing from you.