The one event in your calendar to propel you into THE new year brimming with  energy, feeling connected and ready




Full day event with Cat and Alice PLUS SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKERS


"soooooo pleased I snagged a ticket. I have raved about it ever since and seriously hope I can get myself a ticket for future events."

'Live Your Life' is a full day event, curated to leave you feeling uplifted, connected and full of energy to take on 2021 with confidence and lead you back to your spark…

Picture this...

Waking up on January 30th, logging into the LYL portal to instantly home. 


You immediately have a sense of belonging and are flooded with relief knowing you’re surrounded by people who absolutely get what you’re going through. 


You end the day with a new sense of potential that you haven’t felt for ages; knowing you’ve got concrete tools for mindset; places to go for support and information; emotional connection and more.

There are events and then there are 'Cat + Alice' events!

We go above and beyond to look after you every step of the way. 


(actual feedback from previous LYL event!)


We are bringing you a line up full of inspirational speakers; experienced 'space-holders'

and a community like no other.


We have created our events through years of developing our own, super-charged,

gentle but powerful communities, supporting those who are going through exactly

what we went through ourselves.


Cat and Alice are absolutely committed to holding your hand as you walk this path, shining a light on new ways to experience it all and most of all, offering you the space to simply be YOU. 


Supporting and empowering you is our raison d'etre! We live to serve you and together we have discovered the perfect alchemy between us. 

We know everyone’s journey is different.

We know you might be going through secondary infertility.

Or perhaps you’ve never seen a positive pregnancy test. Maybe you’re going through multiple losses.

You might have been through lots of fertility treatment, or you could be trying to build up the courage to make 

that first consultation.


We see you.

We hold you.

We know the pain of trying to bring a baby home and

not being able to easily.


We know the comments you have to hear from well meaning friends and family ("tried a holiday?!").

We know your work might not understand.

We know your fertility clinic staff 

might even say daft things too.

We know society has a long way to go to properly

represent what you’re going through.

We also know the absolute power of connection, validation and acknowledgement.

Between us, we support thousands of incredible people every single day

through our online communities.


Now we’re going to take it up a notch!!


Here’s what our past LYL attendees have said:

I genuinely thought the format was totally perfect it was clear so much thought had gone into it.Having just started stims for my second round it was definitely the right timing for me to hear the information... Cat and Alice did a fab job presenting and hosting the day; felt so at ease and it was enjoyable as well as informative"

"I loved every minute of the day, from the personal welcome we received from Cat and Alice themselves, to the talks, opportunity to chat to other attendees and the delicious lunch. I found it so useful to hear from others going through the same things as me. The whole day really made me feel less alone. Well done on organising it - you did a brilliant job."

"I was nervous about coming and whether I would fit in. But I was so so desperate to find other people that I could then talk to over insta and I did! I also felt empowered to talk to my employers about putting a fertility policy in place and also thinking of how we could get a support/meet up group going in Guernsey. Thank you so so much for organising - You really are making such a difference!"


  • A full day virtual event with speakers from the world of wellness, mindset and fertility

  • A chance to reset how you feel about your current situation to start living your life again, instead of doing that thing we all know what we’re talking about don’t you - yep, where every single aspect of your life is focussed on trying to bring home a baby so you forget who you actually are in the meantime? That. We did it too.

  • An experience like no other to reinvigorate your connection to your truth, offering you the chance to take stock and decide how you want your year to go, no matter what happens along the way


  • Anything to do with how to get or stay pregnant. 

  • Anyone telling you that positive thinking equals a baby. Urgh.

  •’s actually INCLUSIVE. No matter what stage you are at in this journey, the material and content has the potential to be transformative for you.

Our goal is to leave you feeling like a new version of yourself; totally and utterly confident that you can have a much, much better, more exciting and positive year that the one you’ve probably just had, whatever life throws at you. 

After this event you will leave with:


  • A new outlook on 2021

  • A feeling of genuine connection and relief at having found your 'people'

  • Tools that will see you through the ups and downs of this journey, whatever it will look like for you 

Jaz Rabadia MBE

Live Your Life includes our Every Story Matters panel, hosted by Cat and sharing stories from different perspectives.



We are committed to equal representation and do our best to ensure as many experiences as possible are reflected in the events we put together.

We are grateful to all our speakers for helping us make this possible!


“I’ve come away feeling inspired, positive and like I’ve just had a great big hug from the TTC community”


“I just wanted to say another massive thank you for today. Not only was it filled with useful tips and inspirational stories, it was also incredible to meet so many other people who just get it”


“ I have recently been getting frustrated, spinning how to live my life fully AND undergo IVF treatment at the same time. I’m exhausted after a long day...but I feel amazing and ready to take on new challenges whatever happens on OTD (offical test day) in a week.”

If you’ve got this far and you’re thinking, wait, who the devil ARE these two?! Let us introduce ourselves…


Hey! We are Cat and Alice.


We went through nearly 10 years of infertility and miscarriage between us. For most of that time, there was no IG community, no real support that we felt represented what we needed.


There were no exciting events, nothing which really spoke to us as women who wanted to feel a part of the society we were living in; not watching from the sidelines.


We have been through a whole range of different fertility treatments personally and now both parent our IVF children while doing absolutely everything in our power to make the path to becoming a parent for anyone finding it’s not straightforward...easier. Phewf: that was A Long Sentence!!

We have, first hand, seen how completely transformative our events and community can be for people going through infertility or any difficult road to parenthood. We strive, every day, to continue to improve and transform as many people’s experiences as we possibly can.


In real life we usually welcome you to our events with a hug at the door...this time, those hugs will be virtual, but no less heartfelt.


We have got you. We understand. 

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We know how challenging going through infertility or loss can be.


We know it’s isolating, frustrating and laden with grief and sadness. 


We also know it can completely take over your life and affect your work, your mental health, your relationships and even your finances.


We’ve found positive ways through this using self compassion, self development,

connection and community.


We have seen how radically this can improve how people feel about it. When we are feeling better and more connected to who we are; we make much more confident decisions around our fertility journey. We feel able to reach out for support if we need it because we let go of the fear of being vulnerable. We are able to create healthy boundaries so we release any guilt when it comes to hearing pregnancy announcements which might be painful to process; attending baby showers or dealing with friends and family who, while well intentioned...just keep saying the wrong thing.


We empower you, so you feel stronger, safer and more in control.


That’s why we do what we do.

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